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Breezy Porticos

"Keep It Crisp" CD

Best Friends Records

Genres: indie pop

Best Friends Records
PO Box 48214
Denver CO 80204

Nov 1 - 7 2004

"Underground wimp rock" is what upstart label Best Friends Records specialize in, and the Breezy Porticos have got it going on.  Keep It Crisp is a cheery, eleven-song twee pop romp - its songs are very infectious and never offensive, with comfortable hooks and a delightfully joyful approach.  A tad light at times, and fairly linear stylistically, the disc is successful because of its overall impression, not the individual effect of any one of its songs.

"Gee, Your Math Looks Terrific" and "Trick of the Light" are two of Keep It Crisp's strong songs; as is characteristic of the record, neither track stands out too much from the rest, but they both have particularly strong melodies.  The latter of the two could be the album's most memorable moment - snazzy lyrical tidbits like "parallel lines never come together and parallel lines never grow apart" are sure to stick in your head.  The atmosphere is light and infectious, with standard twee vocals sung atop a bed of bouncy guitar and soft percussion.

Keep It Crisp does not offer much in the way of variety, but it is a pretty solid indie pop record.  If you think you can dig some soft, "wimpy" rock music, look to the Breezy Porticos.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]