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Breaker! Breaker!

"Where All The Birds Yell" CD


Genres: dance punk, indie rock, punk rock

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Sep 26 - Oct 3 2004

Where All The Birds Yell is Breaker! Breaker!'s first "proper" release (following a couple of homemade EPs), and Velocirecords is hoping the band will garner a following on the dance-punk scene.  Having shared the stage with The Gossip, Lightning Bolt, Xiu Xiu, and dear old friends Parts & Labor (Narnack), they are no stranger to indie rock's high profile scene - in fact, this album was recorded by Chris Coady, who's worked with The Yeah Yeahs, !!!, and TV on the Radio, among others.

Given their credentials and accolades, I had high expectations for Breaker! Breaker!.  And while I didn't get the complete paring-down of everything that's good about dance punk, I was still pleased with the intense, infectious punk rock these guys have come up with.  "Magenta" is the finest song here - its aggressive energy is complemented by a very catchy melody - if you aren't singing along, you aren't really paying attention.

Breaker! Breaker! is separated into three parts - Collin, the guitarist; Gina, the drummer; and Duncan, the keyboardist.  Vocals are supplied by everyone, often ranted as opposed to sung (in accordance with the dance-punk manifesto.)  This means the songs are simple (breaking down "Uptown Interlude," all you get is a simple guitar progression, repetitive drumming, basic keyboard diddling, and ba-ba vocals), but joyously so.  They won't stay fresh for weeks, but can be pulled out every once in awhile to get in your funky punk rock quota.

I won't pretend Where All The Birds Yell is a particularly amazing record; few dance-punk albums are definitively wonderful.  However, in a genre of toss-offs and fly-by-night collaborations, it's always worth taking note of a group as promising as Breaker! Breaker!  Good stuff, guys.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks + video, distributed by the label, released 2004]