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Brandon Patton

"Should Confusion" CD

Merlin Pool Music

Genres: indie pop, singer / songwriter, pop/rock

Oct 25 - 31 2004

Brandon Patton's latest solo album, Should Confusion, starts off with the very Pedro The Lion-esque "Counting the Paces," but the whole disc comes off more like Brendan Benson's pop masterpiece Lapalco than anything David Bazan ever recorded.  That is, of course, misleading - this disc is miles away from the blatant pop-hook-entourage Lapalco was; instead, it mimics Benson's young, carefree spirit - Patton loves making music, and Should Confusion captures that enthusiasm perfectly.  These songs are well-written - with melodies galore - and the fun Patton had recording them comes through well in the recordings.

"What's The Worst that Could Happen?" is our first glimpse into what Brandon is truly capable of.  An infectious rocker with an unparalleled chorus, it has the type of listenability that few songwriters ever come up with.  The complex simplicity of "Thirty-One Hundred Miles," with its inclusion of saxophones, samples, and more, makes for a strong, engaging pop song.  Interestingly, the album's last three songs are all folky pop tunes; the shimmering beauty of "The Good Life" and the lushly pristine pop of "Someday When We're Old" are sure album highlights.

This album, if given its due publicity, could have been much more successful than it was.  It has the type of optimistic pop feel we've heard before on Badly Drawn Boy's Hour of Bewilderbeast and the earlier-mentioned Brendan Benson disc.  Though these songs may not be as consistently great as Gough and Benson's were, they are still well worth the price of admission. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2002]