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The Bosch

"Buy One Get One" CD

How's Annie Music

Genre: pop/rock

April 2006

Okay, this is a fun, bouncy old time provided by The Bosch. I struggle to notice anything particularly original or unusual about this NYC quartet, but they're all about fun - and an interest in the aformentioned (fun) is about all you'll need to appreciate Buy One Get One, a 9-track album-ella of rock n' roll and the occasional ska influence. I'm partial to the sweetly catchy "Teenage Symphony" (one of the more laidback numbers) and the straight-from-the-sixties (organ and all) "Zombie Killer," but its hard to argue with the instrumental surf of "Napoleon Invades Russia" and the ska-laced "Matching Girlfriend". There isn't anything particularly exceptional on this disc; instead, everything is strong in its solidness. They avoid homogeny by mixing things up with different influences and instruments from song to song, which is good, though the album's main message - a good time - stays the same throughout. I can't argue.

MP3s (from Teenage Symphony, Metronome, Back to the Laboratory, Come On, Phillie


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, 25:41, distributed by CD Baby, released 2005]