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"Bloody Tales From The Suburbs" CDR-EP


Genres: acoustic rock, singer / songwriter

Mar 24  - 30 2003

Although Bloody Tales From The Suburbs suffers from decidedly a sub-par recording quality and a style that doesn't always work perfectly, songwriter Karen Davis does have a knack for writing instantly catchy songs.  These tunes work surprisingly well in the band's acoustic rock setting, a good choice of instrumentation that helps bridge the energetic, powerful moments of the music with the calmer, more comforting parts.

The better tracks include "Next Sound You Hear," a bittersweet pop number, and "Won't Shed A Tear," an energetic singer/songwriter-styled tune.  "Butterfly Kiss" is also nicely done, combining the band's acoustic instrumentation with a strong, powerful tempo and some very tuneful melodies.  However, other tracks suffer from melodies that don't quite work ("Beautiful Girl") and poor lyrics ("There was so little light in a soul that was nearly dead/Killed by the Uninvited").

All in all, Bloody Tales From The Suburbs is an interesting debut EP, but Boomslang will need to perfect their sound before they tackle a full album.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 songs, distributed by the band, released 2003]