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The Blunder Children

Self-titled CDR

Water Bear Records

Genres: experimental rock

Best Friends Records
PO Box 48214
Denver CO 80204

Oct 25 - 31 2004

The Blunder Children are what you call an "experimental rock" band.  In a tradition similar to beat poets who used to speak along with drum machine rhythms, the duo of Matthew Lewis and Patrick Thibodeaux compose songs that blend electronic backgrounds with sing/talk hybrid vocals.  Guitars are also used, sometimes sparingly, sometimes not (case in point" the excellent "The Spider That Turned Into a Man"); however, I get the feeling the lyrics are the focus on this disc.

I can't say I'm that entertained with this album, but it does have some interesting elements.  "Octopus" is menacing and somewhat clever, "Zombie Lake" is coolly vicious, and "Bizarre Hunting Accident" is eerily wonderful.  Overall, this disc seems to rely a bit too much on novelty and absurdity; a listener would have to be mighty patient to want to listen to these songs over and over again.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 15 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]