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Various Artists

"Blisscent I" CD

Blisscent Records

Genres: shoegazer, dream pop, noise pop

Blisscent Records
11 South Angell St.
Providence, RI 02906

June 17 - 23 2002

Blisscent Records is the byproduct of a two-year-old online mailing list dedicated to shoegazer and dream pop.  Recently, the people running the list went about collecting songs from some of the greatest bands on the shoegazer scene, and "Blisscent I" was the result.

A wide collection of bands have pooled their efforts for this compilation, and the results are of corresponding excellence.  Electro-popster Collette Carter contributes a pleasant, dreamy piece that sounds a bit like an electronic-ized Loreena McKennitt song.  Meanwhile, Alcian Blue contributes a blazing space rock song that packs a lot of power, yet still manages to be thoroughly, well, blissful.  Asobi Seksu is the creator of one of the best of the fourteen songs, a Pulp-influenced tune called "The Words Live Longer".  It's like brit-pop that's been sent through the meat grinder of shoegazer music.  And then there's a wonderful track by Twigs, a surprisingly scorching track that just works perfectly.  And if that weren't enough, there's also top-grade contributions by Sunstorm, Readymade, The Emerald Down, Lovespirals, and more!

Perhaps one of the best elements of this compilation is the mixture of styles and flavours within it.  A whole number of genres are represented - from dream pop to shoegazer; space rock to brit pop; electro-pop to drone rock.  As well, the contributions come from a number of different areas, including the USA, Canada, England, and Germany.  As you can see, the songs on this collection are an extraordinarily varied, eccentric lot - yet they all come together flawlessly, maintaining a calm, yet powerful mood.  It is this continuity, and the tremendous talent involved, that makes "Blisscent I" such a successful collection of tracks.

Catchy, dreamy, spacey, moody... they're all good words for this compilation, but I think the best one is... Blisscent.


Matt Shimmer