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Blindman's Buff

"Desert Roads" CDR Demo


Genres: fuzz metal, stoner metal, groove metal

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June 17 - 23 2002

So you thought all good stoner rock was released on labels, eh?  Well, guess what - you're wrong!  Blindman's Buff is one of the best fuzz metal bands I have ever heard, despite the fact their demo comes from the very depths of obscurity, all the way on the other end of the globe (Belgium, that is).

All three of the tracks on this demo are superb.  Not only do they show promise, but they also manage to completely rock out; this cd borders the line between "demo" and "ep".  The first track, "Utopian Dream", is a fine example of Blindman's Buff's talent.  Rocking along with awesome fuzz riffs, stoned vocals, and steady drumming, the track completely tears up, blasting forth with the power of thrash yet the sensibilities of fuzz.  At one point in the song, the band diversifies the mix by throwing in a little bit of industrial stylings, all to good effect of course.

Directly following that comes "Will-o'-the-wisp", which succeeds in being more accessible than "Utopian Dream", yet doesn't sacrifice the stoned fuzz-power that the band carries out so well.  After that comes "9 Days Wonder", which is more of the same, but, of course, that is by no means a problem.

Blindman's Buff is a great band - while all of their songs may buried under tons of fuzz, they're still completely rockin' and as catchy as all heck.  If you're into fuzz metal, you'll dig this.


Matt Shimmer