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Black Moth Super Rainbow

"Start a People" CD

The 70s Gymnastics Recording Co. / Graveface

Genres: electro psych, instrumental rock, psych-rock

70s Gymnastics
2290 Linwood Dr.
Allison Park PA

Jan 31 - Feb 6 2005

Start a People is just one of those records that you like.  You can't put your finger on what appeals to you; you just know that it's really, really, really good.  Black Moth Super Rainbow make vaguely psychedelic "pop" songs that combine acoustic instrumentation with electronic beats and buzzes.  The entire record sounds like a big combination of Bruce Haack, Yo La Tengo, and some obscure sixties psych act.  On display are drums, organs, and piles of synths - as well as occasional, heavily-modified vocals.  The album seems very loose and flowing, but there are strong, defined grooves within the songs that hold them together stronger than is the case with many ideologically similar bands (Yume Bitsu, for example).

The main knock on BMSR's new album is its lack of variety - the main reason for Start a People's consistent flow is the fact that it doesn't really throw any kinks into its path.  Even so, this is a pretty listenable record, even though one might wish for a few more surprises here and there; at this point, the disc comes off as a tad anticlimactic.  However, this album is catchy and original enough to keep in mind; given their unique style, BMSR are probably going to have to build their own niche, and fortunately they've got the chops with which to do it.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 15 tracks + 1 hidden, distributed by the label, released 2004]