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"Songs From Willipa Bay" CD

Happy Happy Birthday To Me / Karma Records

Genres: indie pop

PO Box 1035
Panama City, FL 32402

Sep 29 - Oct 5 2003

Birddog, active since an early Casting Couch Records single released in 1995, is the songwriting outlet of guitarist/vocalist Bill Santen.  The Songs From Willipa Bay EP is the band's latest release, and it sees them teaming up with Oldham brother Paul and Sebadoh member Jason Loewenstein on bass.  Happy Happy Birthday To Me and Karma Records share releasing duties.

Right off the bat Birddog impress.  "$100 Wedding" is pure pop, insanely melodic, with something of a Harmacy-era Sebadoh influence, but less gritty.  "Red Red Wine," meanwhile, is pop noir, with a somewhat British sound.  On the other hand, "Beaches" introduces folk and country to the mix, not far off from the work of Oldham project The Anomoanon.  The same goes for the trebly "Sycamore".

Indie pop enthusiasts will fall in love with Birddog's fresh, melodic sound.  Santen's songwriting is a step above most on the scene; this terrific EP, as a result, is a catchy and yet still graceful and moody piece of music.  Very recommended. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]