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The Billy Syndrome

"The Stupidest Show on Earth" CDR

Slutfish Records

Genres: rock n' roll, psychedelic rock, indie rock

April 13 - 20 2002

It's stupid, yes, but is it the stupidest?  Hmmm...

Well, there's "Funky Monkey," a bouncy rock song, complete with exaggerated OOH OOH AH AHs and a chanted "I'm a funky monkey" chorus.  Then there's the ironically titled "Drugs Make U Do Silly Things," a surprisingly rockin' tune that succeeds in being both funny and enjoyable.  And don't forget "Happiness And Sunshine," one of the best tracks here.  It's got a great melody that you just may catch yourself humming afterwards.  And - oh yeah - the closing track, "Wake Up America;" it's psychedelic-tinged rock n' roll, straight from the seventies.  In addition to these, The Billy Syndrome have also created a number of other wonders, including a rock opera and a part monologue/part song entitled "Goldilocks Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed."  "The Stupidest Show On Earth" may seem like merely a joke, but it's actually a great rock n' roll album.

So to answer the question: it may very well be the stupidest, but it's darn good anyway.


Matt Shimmer