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Billy Paul Williams

"Miles to Go" CD

Kriztal Entertainment

Genres: chill-out, electro jazz, downtempo

15982 NW 48th Avenue
Miami FL 33014

Jan 19 - 25 2004

Best known for his 2002 club hit "Sex," Billy Paul Williams has recently adjusted his musical style; Miles to Go is an exploration in jazzy chill-out techno, sharing the same realm as St. Germain, Ultralights, Laurent Garnier, and the many other artists of their ilk.  Though there is nothing particularly special about Williams' style - it is rather regular, in fact - this album is a rather pleasant taste of the genre, and will certainly satisfy chill-out fans.

Most of Miles To Go's songs are instrumental, and this is probably a good thing as the vocals, heard on a few of the album's thirteen tracks, can be quite irritating - just regular, boring club stuff, mostly.  The opening title-track, a probable allusion to Miles Davis, is perhaps the album's most jazzy moment; a laidback, bassy rhythm is laid under some wonderful sax playing - it's a basic set-up, but one that's done to perfection.  "Desert Moon" is also wonderful; it's got an airy, breezy feel complimented perfectly by a flowing piano melody and some wonderful synths.  When Williams is on his game, he has the ability to please just about any chill-out lover.  Thankfully for us, Miles to Go sees him at his best.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]