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Bicycle, Tricycle

"Real As You Believe" CD


Genre: pop/rock, indie rock

May 2006

Good to see Bicycle, Tricycle are still putting stuff out. After the unusual but intriguing Law of Fives EP, they've come up with this ten track album. This is typical B,T stuff, with the cult-like Bohb figure behind it all. Reading through the self-proclaimed propaganda on their website, you find numerous references to myths and conspiracies littered throughout - all part of the bizarre image the band has crafted for themselves. Making sense of it is next to impossible, but the main fact to point out is that the band's name is a reference to the numbers 2 and 3 - or 23 - which turns up in some of the strangest places (see some interesting details here).

What this all has to do with the music is a mystery to me, because this just seems like quirky, electronic-heavy pop = the results of a productive home-studio loaded up with all sorts of instruments and gear. The musical quality varies throughout; some songs are quite inspired, while others are bland or amateurish. Synth-pop tunes "Knife For You" and "Generally Connected" are likely the album's strongest tunes, taking major cues from 80s rock and balancing energy and ballad-like emotion well. Sadly not all songs succeed so easily - "Diggin' Graves in a Hole" is abysmally repetitive and "Selfish" is lacking in listenability. Fortunately a number of other strong songs - like the mystic "What An Island" and groovy "Far Out" - save the album from falling into the abyss of mediocrity. Real As You Believe is an interesting and entertaining listen for the most part, but some of the weaker songs muddle up its pace. Worth a look for outsider pop devotees.

MP3s (from Far Out, Knife For You, Generally Connected


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2005]