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Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer

"Without Chemicals He Points" CDR

Fflint Central

Genres: ambient, experimental electronica

June 14 - 20 2004

Without Chemicals He Points is the 2002 offering from electronic soundscape artists Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer.  Much like their other work, this disc boasts plenty of glitchy, experimental pseudo-ambiance, designed specifically to instill horror and awe in their listenership.  BLD uses plenty of creepy samples and dark effects to create an atmosphere distinctly its own - often the music is so avant-garde, you're surprised how accessible it is.

This album's most successful moments are those that absolutely entrench you in the music.  Sparser moments like "Four Minute Symphony" are nice, but somewhat unaffecting; the real success comes from powerfully full compositions like the creepy vocal modification of "Cyan Krilp Vipers" and the industrial ambiance of "Graphic Tranquiliser."  Even the noisier tracks like "Blighted Sump" and "Petrolhead" fit in well with Without Chemicals' more ambient moments.

Without Chemicals He Points is another strong album for Fflint Central, who continue to make a name for themselves on the experimental electronic circuit.  Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer, as always, is a must for those music lovers with an affinity for being creeped out - and thoroughly satisfied.

Fun Fact: The title of this album appears to be a reference to a secret clue from an old episode of Twin Peaks.  Check it out here.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2002]