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Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer

"Contraception of the Gods" CDR

Fflint Central

Genres: experimental electronic, industrial electro, drone

May 10 - 16 2004

Berkowitz Lake & Dahmer is one of UK label Fflint Central's signature acts.  They purvey their own brand of dark, evil electronica - and this record, the creepily titled Contraception of the Gods, is no exception.

On this release, BLD is working with lots of ambience and drone; as such, this is far more experimental than most electronica, and will require a listener who's willing to appreciate it.  In these eighteen tracks, you do have occasional rhythms, but Contraception is more focused on noisy ambiances and gushing, flowing electronic patterns.  It truly comes to life in the dark - if you really want to enjoy yourself, find a pitch black room, lie back, and turn this on.  Within fifteen minutes you'll be on a different planet.

This disc's tracks work in diverse ways.  "Knock Some Sense," for example, is a throbbing, violent explosion of robotic noise; it is almost frightening in its ferocity.  "Truncheon Profile Pt. 1," on the other hand, relies on a repeated melodic loop -  it sounds like a cross between a Human League synth pattern and an eighties haunted house film score.  This cinematic quality is shared by most of these compositions, many of which could easily accompany a dark, homemade horror film of some sort.

Contraception of the Gods is an enjoyable - though horrific - experimental electronic record.  Its unusual compositional structure will garner it a limited audience, but those fortunate enough to appreciate BLD will be have this stuck in their stereo for months.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 18 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]