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"Evolution O' Tha Lemon" CDR

Whirlygig Records

Genres: indie pop, twee

1935 Highway 106 N
Danielsville GA

May 17 - 23 2004

Bellhouse is the solo project of Kimberly Paglia, one half of husband-and-wife duo The Orchid Pool.  Like her previous indie pop work with her husband, Evolution O' Tha Lemon is a personal, catchy pop album filled with cute vocals and simple, pretty melodies.  While this disc's songwriting is done exclusively by Kimberly, she does enlist the help of others for instrumental accompaniment; Tony Paglia helps out frequently, contributing guitar, organ, piano, and vocal parts, among others.

While listening to this album for the first time, I could tell that it would make for a surefire hit among twee lovers.  There are quite a few piano-based numbers here, as well as plenty of guitar and organ led tracks.  Kimberly's pretty, youthful vocals are usually in the foreground, and the recording quality is distinctly low.  This is a very homemade affair, though the melodies are far from primitive.  The songwriting on Evolution is of a very high talent level, and while those unaccustomed to the twee sound may be put off by this disc's inoffensive nature, those with a proper appreciation of lo-fi indie pop should be in euphoria while listening.

None of these tunes stand out among the others; instead they are all of a consistently high quality.  However, the disc's length and unvarying style can make for limited repeated listens.  Overall, this is a suggested purchase for twee and indie pop lovers, but not really for anyone else.  Worth a hum.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]