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The Beige

"01" CD


Genre: roots-pop, atmospheric pop

March 2007

The Beige's wonderfully designed CD is home to a collection of textured, rootsy folk-pop music heavy on the ambient atmosphere. The record itself is crafted with various interludes and segues between songs, and uses an airy, patient approach to song composition that's a real treat. Yet despite its often gradual nature, these tracks emerge as wonderfully melodic and distinctly catchy - the first two songs, "So Near" and "Mirror," won me over upon first listen; Appendix Out and Pinetop Seven are good starting points in terms of their musical style. Atmospheric interludes such as dark banjo/harmonica instrumental "Bad Man Outside" and playful but moving interlude "Vanishing Twin" (which sounds like something a skeleton might compose) add a brilliant level of depth to the recording. And make sure not to miss out on the lengthy but wonderful finale, "Nobody Nowhere." Ladies and gents, meet your new favourite atmospheric roots-pop band.



Fun Fact:

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, 42:54, distributed by CD Baby, released 2006]