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The Before Picture

"A Sense of Urgency" CDEP

Post436 Records

Genres: indie rock, post-punk, math rock

Post436 Records
12511 Ringwood Avenue
Orlando FL 32877

Dec 22 - 28 2003

Energetic, angular, and fiercely melodic, The Before Picture is two degrees from math rock, treading dangerously near to flat-out post-punk.  "Secret Code" is obviously very Jawbox-esque in its slicing, complex guitar-and-vocal assault, so it's clear where the band's influences lie.  They could easily fit in alongside modern indie/math rock bands like Fiesel and Tristan Da Cunha at a show.

Sometimes the TBP's sound can become tiresome, particularly when their melodies aren't given enough hooks to stick ("Controlled Burn"), but they fortunately don't make than mistake too often on A Sense of Urgency.  "The Process of Falling Down" is the disc's most interesting moment.  Stop/start rhythms and a spastic song structure characterize the tune, which would be terrific if it were just slightly more melodic.  "Before the Rains Came," meanwhile, could be the EP's best song; it's both structurally intense and melodically rich.

This EP offers a fine taste of what The Before Picture have to offer, and though it is only five songs long, it lasts quite awhile.  Although not perfect all the way through, A Sense of Urgency urges the listener into serious anticipation of the band's debut album.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]