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The Beauticians

"Cosmopolgy" CD

Cheemo Records

Genres: pop, children's music

Cheemo Records
1329 East 15th Ave.
Vancouver BC
V5N 2E5

Jun 30 - Jul 6 2003

The Beauticians are a cheery pop group from Vancouver who've compiled this fourteen song collection of catchy children's songs, many of which were originally recorded for programs on CBC radio (Canada's national radio station).  While this may have already scared off all the self-aware hipsters out there, it should be noted that Cosmopology's songs, though very youthful and goofy, can also be enjoyed by open-minded adults.

A song like "Intelligently Speaking" is silly and poppy, but its suspenseful violin part is enough to eliminate any doubts about the band's songwriting maturity.  Meanwhile, the sixties-obsessed sound of "Exhibitionist," which boasts a slick bassline and those modified psych vocals that are all over recordings from the era of free love, is enough to make anyone crack a smile.  Other highlights include the energetic "theme song"-esque "Inspiration," the playful "Vivaldi," and a cover of Erasure's "Only You."  On the other hand, numbers like "Dilated Pupils" and "Crazy" aren't so inspired, relying too much on silliness than good songwriting.

Altogether, this is a fun, playful album that may suffer from having a limited audience as a result of its goofy, child-like sound.  While some of the songs fall flat, there's a lot of nice pop to enjoy on Cosmopology.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 songs, released 2003]