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"Summary" CD

5 Rue Christine

Genre: beatnik poetry indie shit

February 2007

like a more talkative and less sing-y travis morrison, barr aka brendan fowler is an analytical, verbose guy who talks his way through summary's nine songs. fun but probably a bit of an awkward guy at parties, brendan immediately makes this 5rc debut his own with his unique beatnik poet / background instrumentation formula. i heard him awhile back on a split with lil pocketknife on deathbomb arc but here he's really taken things to a new level. i'm not sure how much i dig it all but this clever sort of self-analytical stuff is considered charmingly eccentric these days, and there's gotta be something to that. come to think of it, the more i listen to this, the more it starts to grow on me. barr's awkward sort of wit places this more as a comedy record than a truly musical affair, but the melodies carry you through some of the blander bits so it's all good in the end. and on a track like "half of two times two" things even get a little catchy. yet i'm still partial to "untitled," a confessional little track about addiction and friendship. lovely.

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coxwell balaban

[Vitals: 9 tracks, 31:09, distributed by the label, released 2007]