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Self-titled CDR


Genres: electronica, post-rock

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Dec 15 - 21 2003

Avmus, or John C. Miller as he officially known, is an independent musician who's been specializing in his own brand of post-rock-influenced electronica for the past few years.  This self-titled CDR is his debut full-length, following a small-scale demo EP that came out awhile ago.

Avmus is an extremely ambitious musician, and that is quite evident on this disc.  Although it is merely one of the many self-released, dully-designed CDRs we get sent, there's a certain charm here, accentuated by Miller's sheer love and passion towards music.  His electronic, often ambient songs aren't all great, but his efforts are not wasted; often, the sheer ideas and melodic talent yield terrific results.

The disc's best moments are its most original.  The bouncy electronic joyfulness of "Untitled" is remarkably fun, despite its simplicity; its Plone-meets-videogame vibe is amazingly well done.  "Anthem Abridged" is also a very solid piece of slick electro, and "She Sits Like a Model" is the album's best, a melodic and yet experimental techno soundscape that hits all the right notes.  Unfortunately, carbon copy tracks like "Shhh... You'll Wake Workers" and "Walk With Mary" weigh down on the album's flow, and don't really offer anything worth listening to.

Though not the most original or excellent album in the world, Avmus' self-titled disc is a very enjoyable full-length that is worth a try if you can get it cheap.  Either way, download "She Sits Like a Model" from Avmus' website if you're up for some homemade experimental techno - it's a really good listen.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2003]