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june 2010

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Self-Titled CDR-EP


Genres: experimental, noise rock, college rock

John Miller 123 Big Horn Rd. Shelton, CT. 06484

April 13 - 20

Avmus is John Miller, an independent musician out of Conneticut.  This appears to be a demo release, consisting of three tracks of oddball electronic dwiddling.  Although it's very intriguing, the music here seems to be missing something at its current state.   The sparse melodies are pretty much buried in noise on the first two tracks, but the third piece, "Tour De Fur," is where Avmus really shines.  It is a blazing, powerful instrumental rock song that sounds a bit like some of Mogwai's work.    "Tour De Fur," is, essentially, the only worthwhile track here, but keep a look out in the future; Avmus sounds like he's got potential.


Matt Shimmer