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Atomic Bitchwax

"Spit Blood" 2CD

MeteorCity Records

Genres: stoner rock, hard rock, cosmic rock

PO Box 40322
Albuquerque, NM 87196 USA

April 6 - 13 2002

It's safe to say that the Atomic Bitchwax, featuring Ed Mundell (of Monster Magnet), is one of the major staples on the stoner rock scene nowadays.  It is for this reason that the three rockin' guys have just released this collection of songs, consisting mostly of unreleased tunes and the like.  The CD starts off with a powerful cover of AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap," and then moves on to some unreleased tracks, an alternate verson of "Liquor Queen" (from their "II" album), and two new tunes.   This a great selection for fans of Atomic Bitchwax and other stoner bands, and holds up better than many of the other "unreleased track albums" out there today.

The title-track is, as the liner notes claim, an "experiment" for the band.  It features some killer guitar solos courtesy of Mundell, and is totally psychedelic.  Alternatively, "Black Trans Am" is an old track from 1996 that was never released.  For an unreleased song, though, it is surprisingly good.  Funky, blazing guitar and a wicked melody characterize the piece; the killer axe solos will take you on a headtrip.   Stoner rock fans would be well-advised to pick this CD up.  Only a band like the Atomic Bitchwax could pull of an unreleased track collection this well.

(By the way, "Spit Blood" also comes with a massive collection of stuff for your computer, including dozens of MP3s and videos, and a whole crapload of other information.  Also, there's a second CD that comes with it, containing seven awesome cuts from the other MeteorCity bands.)


Matt Shimmer