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"Futurists Against the Ocean" CD

Web of Mimicry

Genre: experimental doom metal, drone metal

April 2006

Reviewing the Asva album would be a pretty incomplete undertaking if I neglected to reference the people involved, including members of Sunn 0))), Secret Chiefs 3, Burning Witch, Mr. Bungle, Gamelan Pacifica, and Master Musicians of Bukkake. I guess it's no minor fact, then, that this record is pretty much a necessity for denizens of the doom metal scene. This is four tracks and fifty-two minutes of deep experimental metal. Opener "Kill the Dog, Tie Them Up, Then Take Their Money" is the most traditional (genre-wise) piece on here; it's a haunting, gradual slab of dark, dark guitar assault - more or less what you'd expect from the sum of its parts. Troy Swanson's evil organ playing really lends the song a haunting intensity, keeping things delightfully off-kilter for its fourteen minute duration - and building that rotting abscess deep in your brain. "Zaum; Beyonsense," meanwhile, is a much more ambient epic; it is heavy on sound experimentation, dealing with long drones and serious guitar atmospherics. Doom sound scuplture, if you will. "Fortune" drives the ambient point home, hoisting a hellish blanket of deep guitar noise above a murky organ drone before dropping into an eerily funereal vocal part provided by Gamelan Pacifica's Jessika Kenney. The record finishes off with the climactic finale of "By the Well of Living and Seeing," which seems to bring all of the album's elements together for a final push - Kenney's vocals become part of an epic, intense doom metal assault, complete with destroying percussion, punishing guitar, and that church-like organ. Asva's Futurists is a must for any doom-metal fanatic, and a recommended purchase for those brave enough to dabble.

MP3 (from Fortune (excerpt)


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by Revolver USA, released 2005]