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Various Artists

"Assult With Insults" cassette

Unread Records

Genres: drone, experimental, audio collage

PO Box 3462
Omaha NE 68103

Apr 28 - May 5 2003

Slowly but surely Unread Records climbs the list of my favourite record labels of all time.  With admirably DIY production values, tons of musical variety, and a zest for scoping out pure talent, the little tape and vinyl label has really floated to the top of the musical food chain.

Assult With Insults (and, yes, it is spelt "assult") is a collection of experimental, drone, audio collage, and field recording music by a group of unusual hometapers from across the States.  Fantastic material is included by a number of bands, including a creepy sound effect piece by King Frog, noisy material by Church of Gravitron and Mammal, as well as a few minutes of pure gut-wrenching horror courtesy of Smack Music 7Will Simmons' talented instrumental is also a nice inclusion, in all its tuneful glory.

All in all, this is a fantastic compilation that will appeal to fans of challenging, DIY music as well as noise listeners looking for something that isn't composed of pure abrasion all the way through.  And bonus marks are given for the fantastic homemade cover design.  Recommended.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 15 songs, distributed by the label]