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"In Other Fictions" CD


Genres: dream rock, indie rock, shoegazer

Jan 10 - 16 2005

In Other Fictions pulls you in with its epic, powerful shoegazer sound, then draws you closer with its unconventional melodies.  These verses and chorus are so unique and unfamiliar that they require time to unravel, but once you've been assimilated, they end up staying with you for months on end.  The slow-building, Radiohead-influenced dream-rocker "The World Gets Younger" is a fine example of the type of beautiful-but-massive music Argentine specializes in - this album is filled with fresh ideas and warm, appealing sounds.  The splendid, organ-drenched chorus of "Fresh Inventions" is exactly what spacey pop music is all about, while "Slumberside" is uplifting and cathartic.  I hear plenty of influences in here, among them Yo La Tengo, Low (but more dynamic), and the previously mentioned Radiohead, although Argentine has an overall sound that's definitely their own.  "Westerly" is a bit weak, as it's melodies aren't as impressive as might be wished, but it isn't bad enough to have any real effect on the album's overall flow.  As a whole, In Other Fictions proves to be a consistently melodic, impressively epic record with enough content to entertain audiences over and over again.


Fun Fact: On their website, Argentine admits that none of their members have been to Argentina (though most would like to.)  "Argentine" means silver, and is also an anagram of tangerine.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by Pehr, released 2003]