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A Problem of Alarming Dimensions

"H-Hov-Hover" CD

8088 Records

Genres: instrumental rock, indie rock, math rock

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Mar 8 - 14 2004

Instrumental rock is an unfortunate genre.  Aside from Mogwai and co, there just isn't much attention paid to the wordless style.  Which is a shame, given the multitude of possibilities it has to offer.

H-Hov-Hover is the latest album by Arkansas titans A Problem of Alarming Dimensions, and though it isn't entirely instrumental, one will certainly be impressed what the band have come up with using so few words.  Right from "Driving in Unison," the determined, engaging title track, we can see that the band is on a mission.  Crisp, cutting percussion and a dreamy haze of guitar characterize many of this seven-tracker's compositions, while the many math rock tunes ("Voice of Dissension," "Non-Deterministic Finite Automation") serve to keep things interesting.  One of this disc's best assets is "Subsidies for our Favorite Killer," a pretty, epic tune that is actually very pleasant.

Overall, H-Hov-Hover offers a nice selection of math rock and less raucous instrumental material.  The one song with vocals, "Non-Deterministic Finite Automation," is perhaps one of the best - APOAD would be well-advised to experiment further with singing in the future.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]