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"Urban Comfort EP" CDEP


Genres: folk-pop, lo-fi, indie pop

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Aug 12 - 25 2002

The Urban Comfort EP is Anamude's debut release, the result of funneling over three records worth of songs into a six-song collection. All of the tracks are warm and personal, and each one has that distinct "lo-fi four track" feeling - like a more subdued Songs: Ohia.

"Urban Comfort #1" is a perfect example of Anamude's style - the track features sweet acoustic guitar chords played behind her enchanting vocals, half of which are sung and half of which are spoken. "Urban Comfort #3", meanwhile, is a beautiful Julie Doiron-esque tune, complete with sparse instrumentation and that special Doiron vocal style. "Brokedown", meanwhile, is the album's best track - it takes over half the song to gradually build up, and then introduces Anamude's voice on top of the intricate guitar noodling.

Despite her limitations, Anamude has crafted a nice collection of catchy, complex folk songs. If lo-fi folk-pop sounds appealing to you, then the Urban Comfort EP could be just what you're after.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 20 min 17 sec; 6 tracks; distributed by the artist; released 2002]