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Amps For Christ

"Every Eleven Seconds" CD

5 Rue Christine

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PO Box 1190
Olympia WA

June 2006

Aside from having the best name in music, Amps For Christ have quietly been putting out a mini-legacy of records through labels Vermiform, Shrimper, and most recently Kill Rock Stars sublabel 5 Rue Christine. Eclectic Every Eleven Seconds is the latest in this ever-expanding discography, and it sees Henry Barnes and co tackling a number of musical styles, from experimental noise/guitar drone on "Violated" and "I Hate This Dumpster" to country-style folk on "Cock O' the North" (which has some serious Celtic overtones) and "El Corazon De San Vincente". The whole thing has a sort of hastily-put-together (but in a good way) feel to it, snagging at genres and styles from all over the map and yet assembling them into a thoroughly enjoyable album. Somehow the spoken word experimentation of "Thompson Hunter", "Shiploaf", and "Chorus" works wonderfully hand-in-hand with the avant-garde noise of "The Crossing." Meanwhile, "Proof Man" is a psychedelic sitar sit-in, "Sweet Dove" is a traditional folk tune (featuring vocals by Barnes' sister Lexie), and "W I B" is a mind-expanding psych-pop song from the bowels of some 1969 basement. Yes, all of this is on the same record. And yes, it's a little insane.

Overall, Every Eleven Seconds is a typically ridiculous release from Amps For Christ, who seem to have "rewritten the books" on album-making once again. For the truly adventurous listener, look no further... this album has more in it than most bands have in an entire discography.


Fun Fact: Barnes' previous project, Man Is The Bastard, was known for replacing the electric guitar in punk music with emphasis on bass, industrial noise, and homemade modified guitars.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 15 tracks, distributed by the label, released June 6 2006]