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The Amazing Verticalville

Self-Titled CD

Slide The Needle

Genres: instrumental rock, indie rock

Slide The Needle
1318 Maryland Drive
Ladson, South Carolina 29456

Jan 13 - 19 2003

The Amazing Verticalville are an instrumental band from Olympia, Washington that combine a very indie rock-esque sound with buzzing electronics. Though the lack of vocals in their music may scare off a few listeners, those who give this album a chance will likely find it to be quite a rewarding experience.

The opener, "Short Attention Span Theatre," is a nice example of what they're capable of. Comprised of a calm guitar-and drum pair mingled with assorted electronic blips and bleeps, it's a thoroughly catchy tune. "Secretariat: Triple Crown Winner 1973," meanwhile, is a moody little track with some interesting guitar work that calls to mind Ativin to some extent. It also boasts some neat electronic textures flowing through its duration. In a similar vein, but with a bit more abrasion is "Rollercoasters Are for Shit for Heads," a driving track that really gets your toe tapping. "Technicolor Yawn," which makes great use of a bizarre vocal, is another neat track that has a really robotic, funky sound.

Altogether, this is a very nice album. The only obvious problem is that the recording style doesn't seem to quite capture the energy that the band's live show probably carries.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]