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Alex Bach

Self-Titled CDR


Genres: singer / songwriter, pop, independent pop

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April 20 - April 27 2002

Well, what do we have here?  Why, it's Alex Bach's new self-titled CDR!  Don't know who Alex Bach is?  Well that's alright, neither do most people.  But Alex wants to change that.

Which brings us to this release.  It's a neat little CDR that features 4 songs of very professionally recorded female-vocal pop.    Is it any good?  Well, it's got some nice melodies on it.   Unfortunately, though, most of this suffers from sounding a bit too much like the stuff that's played on the radio.  However, there are some inspired bits.   For example, "Worthless" is a notably inspired track.  It lets Bach try out a bit of rocking, as opposed to the other tracks, which belong more to the "adult soft pop" persuasion.  "It's All Up To You" also has some nice bits to it, but never really amounts too much.

If Bach focusses more on the harder bits of her music, which she is decidedly better at than she is at soft rock, she may have something.  Unfortunately, on this release, she's jumped onto the wrong wagon.  Jump off the wagon, Alex, jump off...