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AA Sound System

"The Pestilence is Coming" CD

Saved By Radio

Genre: folk pop, country pop, indie rock

February 2007

first off, there are some great songs on laissez-faire. this record is ripe with lovely folky, countryish pop music with occasional programmed beats. opener "i don't get you at all" is one of the most enjoyable songs i've heard in awhile. but the thing that must be said about a band like aa sound system is that they're probably going to be working at a local level for the rest of their careers. they remind me of a guy named jim bryson from ottawa (?) who has a loyal following but remains a word-of-mouth treasure for the already acquainted. except these folks are from alberta. that isn't to say this isn't a very nice record; it's quite the opposite - this is a lovely listen from top to bottom. tracks like "harmony" will make an immediate imprint in your mind, while a mostly solid supporting cast boasts spacey pop song "laissez-faire" and inoffensive "who'd of thought." yet i still feel these folks are destined for a rewardingly low-key existence. and when it all boils down, we need bands like that.

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Fun Fact: these guys are probably first in the yellow pages under bands.

coxwell balaban

[Vitals: 15 tracks, 50:17, distributed by the band, released Jun 27, 2006]