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"Teenage Mondo Trash" CD

Ache Records

Genres: punk rock, garage rock

November 2006

From the most eclectic record label my side of the Canada-USA border comes 2UP, a Japanese band who aim to take that Guitar Wolfy punk rock explosiveness to an even more depraved level. Sixteen songs in under sixteen minutes, with no apologies made. The recording is as crisp as it can be, given the ruckus these guys have come up with. Despite the abrasive nature of this record, and the lack of easily-graspable melody, though, I find it strangely addictive. It has an undeniably intense feel, but also an aura of absolute coolness. The band's philosophy may be primitive but that just makes it inherently exciting. So bend over and let Teenage Mondo Trash rock you. You may be a lot of things after this record, but disappointed is certainly not one of them.

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Fun Fact: A 2UP is when you gain two lives in a platform video game (see Super Mario World).

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 16 tracks, 1000 copies distributed by Midheaven, released 2006]