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xbxrx has their own form of weird rock music. Somewhere between Yamatsuka Eye and punk rock, their music is completely their own. Perhaps this description doesn't thrill you, bust regardless, they are an interesting and talented new band.

Having just released "Gop Ist Minee", their new full-length, xbxrx have been quite busy touring recently. Fortunately, they took a little bit of time away to give us their top ten vegetables. And what a great list it is!

xbxrx on the web:

Here is xbxrx's top ten vegetables:

1. Spinach

2. Mushroom

3. Garlic

4. Artichoke

5. Onion

6. Black Olives

7. Jalapeno

8. Crushed Red Pepper

9. Capers

10. Sundried Tomato

xbxrx sidenote: Free vegetarian/vegan pizza while on tour is the best.