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Social Security

Social Security, another talented audio collage band, has it's own hilarious style of music. Songs like Sxxxxs are very clever, but still conceptual. Currently, they are involved in the Droplift project ( an audio collage project involving the "dropping off" of CDs in various record stores around the planet. Of course, this means that the cd is free, so it is an entirely not-for-profit thing. You might want to watch out for the disc in your local record stores, as it features an exceptional track by Social Security, "Loder Runner (Stay Tuned)"

Anyways, Social Security was one of those noble folks who contributed a top ten list to this zine, so here is their gripping list of the top ten things that taste like chicken.

social security on the web:


Here is Social Security's top ten things that taste like chicken.


1. RCA connector cable

2. Failure

3. Taiwanese poon

4. My own flesh

5. Teenage girls' sweet nipples

6. Wendy's chicken nuggets

7. Fried squid bites

8. "Oops! I Did It Again" CD single

9. E. Robert Frank's semen

10. Boiled leather boot