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Various Artists - Crippled Ninja Mix July 10th (Compilation CDR)

(Crippled Ninja Productions -
[Genres: experimental electronica, glitch, noise]

Mmm... yeah. I'm pretty sure that this is the only copy ever made of this cd, so you probably couldn't go out and buy it, but what you can do is go out and check out some of the actual albums that were made on the Crippled Ninja Productions label. You see, this compilation is actually just a collection of a bunch of songs taken from releases on the label. A sampler, if you will. Like all the albums on CNP, this is a very DIY homemade affair. Even the packaging is handmade: there are various photos and drawing stapled on to it, and the booklet itself has been painted especially for me by Mark himself (Mark Price runs Crippled Ninja.) The music itself consists of 27 songs, some are under 30 seconds, some are over 4 minutes. Despite the fact that this is all very experimental and diy noise-ish, some songs here are actually "catchy". For example, "A-MTRAKNO-7" (originally off the Andy K/Mark P split 3CDR release) has a repeated electronic melody that is monotonal, but still lovely. "ANDY-MARK 2 5 01" (also originally off the Andy K/Mark P split 3CDR release) features a funky, enjoyable, not-at-all-out-of-place-on-an-Aphex-Twin-album beat and melody, except it's played really quietly under a glitchy atmosphere. That's pure Crippled Ninja for you! There are also three songs from the Morgan T/Mark P collaboration that are very glitchy, yet still funky and beat-oriented, glitch-funk if you will. This compilation actually features turntablism, something that doesn't really get the recognition it deserves in the DIY glitch scene. As well, there is also excellent material here from various other CNP projects, including the "How To Sleep" series, Observer or Spymission pieces, and music from the 3-way split between thenewyorkandsmoke group, the Orators, and Glass of Juice. This is makeout music for experimentalists.


toptracks2.jpg (4628 bytes) Top Tracks: "94plus94" (from the How To Sleep series), "ANDYMARK" (from the Andy K/Mark P split 3CDR release), "12GOJ_THESEFLIES" (from the Glass of Juice/thenewyorkandsmokegroup/Orators 3 way split release)

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November 15, 2001     (17)