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Travels The World - I Can't Ask You To Break My Heart Anymore (CDR)

(Ionik Records -
[Genres: lo-fi, indie pop, experimental pop]

Well, this certainly puts the "lof" in lo-fi. But that shouldn't really mean anything to you because "lof" isn't actually a word. What we do get is a collection of amateurish (this is by no means a bad thing) pop songs that are filled with the hooks, riffs, and melodies to blow your mind. There is also a healthy dose of experimentalism, which I certainly don't object to. Many of these songs have to do with love, tending towards the more sad side of the subject (Badly Drawn Boy, anyone?). Although this album is very unique, there seems to be a few influences from other artists, including the others on the Ionik Records roster (many of which are affiliated with Mike Fair, aka Travels The World). The one noticeable thing is that all of these pieces seem to be happy songs with happy guitars, happy drum machines, and happy vocals, despite the fact that some of these songs deal with such topics as being in love with someone who doesn't love you back, drinking your troubles away, and being chased by an enraged goat. Wait, the goat thing isn't on here. Rats. Well, despite the absence of the goat topic, this is still an engaging 13-song album. If you haven't done so already, perhaps it would be best to listen to some of the other albums on the Ionik Records roster before going out and getting this.


toptracks2.jpg (4628 bytes) Top Tracks: "Shadow and Light," "I am a Delicate Flower," "Closing Track"

(Ionik Records 274 Senator Place, #5 Cincinnati, OH 45220)

December 4, 2001         (22)