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ts012.gif (10744 bytes)S. Process - More Me

(track star records -
[Genres: punk, indie rock]

This interesting but short cd from track star records is quite delightful. S. Process is an interesting punky quartet that uses instruments such as the usual guitars, drums, and bass, but also turntables, the SP1200, and even a nice element of Moog, which really works with it all. Personally I really like the moogy opening track, "Spring Garden Houses a Skinny Enemy". Although the more solemn piece, "More Less of You", is a nice break from the more fast-paced material. In fact, pretty much all of the songs are great, and they flow into each other perfectly, as well. So this music isn't exactly punk, it's actually a combination of elements from many different genres of music. A darn good combination! Also enjoyable is the more strings-y stuff at the end.