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Post-Haste - Adventures of a Mathematician (CDR)

(Ionik Records -
[Genres: indie pop, power pop, twee]

Mmm... six songs of poppidy pop POP POP! That's pretty much all that's on this disc, but that isn't a bad thing, now is it? This is all very catchy, very cleanly recorded, and very fun, but it seems to leave you wanting more. Perhaps it's because there are only 6 songs and they are all under 3 minutes, but there seems to be more missing from it. The music seems bare, stripped down, it doesn't have any life to it. Perhaps I'm playing it too quietly, I'll try turning it up. Still, it stays the same. The musical atmosphere just isn't right. It seems this is the type of band that it would be best to see live. Regardless, this album is full of enough catchiness and fun to keep you entertained. As well, the fact that this album contains a mixture of styles, from strong power pop to cheery, lighter twee pop, adds to the experience. This is best suited to die-hard indie pop fans, who like their music in the vein of the Salteens, the Flaming Lips, and Mike G.


toptracks2.jpg (4628 bytes) Top Tracks: "Ugli Fountains," "A Good Pop Song"

(Ionik Records, 274 Senator Place, #5, Cincinnati, OH 45220)

November 13, 2001   (16)