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OOIOO - Feather Float

(Birdman Records -
[Genres: indie pop, electronica]

ooioocoverexp.jpg (12772 bytes)OOIOO is a side project of Yoshimi P-We, who has been the percussionist in the Japanese screamo group The Boredoms, amongst many other projects. This cd, with colourful, happy cover art starts off with a happy, fast-paced piece that features a number of female voices singing "be sure to loop" over and over again joyfully. Yippee happy yay! Sorry about that, but this is the most sugar-coated, happy jolly thing in the world (with the exception of that damn cheerios honeybee - he never gets his cheerios but he's always so ecstatically cheery…it baffles the mind.) Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, I mean, the whole idea behind this is to be happy happy cheery wee. The second song continues in the same fashion, and the third one is more like a chant, in Japanese. "Ah Yeah" is a song with a strong, fast beat, and female vocals yelling "ah yeah!" repeatedly. Similar idea to Fatboy Slim's "Ya Mama" except not complete crap. The whole cd is pretty cool and very well pulled-off. It seems to be very inspired by electronica-sounding beats, especially songs like "Asozan," which uses live drumming that sounds a lot like a beat played on the turntables. The mixture of casiocore, repetitive singing, fast beats, and other effects (such as the handclap and the guitar) make this an extraordinarily cool experience. Even more amazing is how much of this cd was not produced using loops and turntables. Fun. Lots of fun.