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The Mitchells - Meet The Mitchells (CDR EP)

(datawaslost -
[Genres: lo-fi, retro pop, indie pop]

mitchellscoverbig.jpg (26988 bytes)The Mitchells are what their label calls a "datawaslost supergroup," in that it combines many of the talents of the datawaslost roster into one band. We've got Michael Bond (of Coltrane Motion), Tim Heyl (of Swissfarlo and Velcro One), Mike Fair (of Haleymill and Travels the World), and GD Mills (of DJ Aphid and Travels the World). Apparently, what they are trying to produce is mod-pop from the time of the British Invasion. The first time I heard these four songs, that was the exact feeling I got from it, and I hadn't even read their description at that point. So, essentially, they succeeded. The four short songs (this EP is under 10 minutes) are very lo-fi and indie-ish. An amateur, tinny recording style is used, and it is quite effective in making this music sound like much music did during the British Invasion era. It definitely has an old-fashioned quality to it. Also take note that it's got the "datawaslost/ionik records" sound to it, so you will like it if you're into that stuff. Of course, that goes without saying, considering it IS a mixture of many different datawaslost artists. The song "right on, right now!" is a playful, enjoyable number that features a great riff. The keyboard is especially effective in it, making it a great listen. Definitely a catchy one. "yellow-green" struck me as being the most like an ol' fashioned mod-pop ditty, even moreso than the others. In fact, "yellow-green" is probably the best piece on this EP, it's insanely catchy and very fun to listen to. That said, I can't wait until their next ep, "Look and Sharp!," due out later this month! By the way, you can check out a neat little music video for the song "Sunshine Feelin'" here.


Top Tracks: "yellow-green," "right on, right now!"

(Available at for 5 US dollars)