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Greek Buck - No Time  (CD-EP)

(Valmouth Audio - - VA006)
[Genres: electronica, rock, experimental rock]

greekbuck_no.gif (2326 bytes)Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleagues - GREEK BUCK IS BACK!  After their delicate, restrained soundtrack for the film, "Law Of Enclosures," this album comes as something of a surprise.  If you're one of those who's expecting another classical outing for the duo, you may be disappointed, but if you're one of the many fans who have been looking for more of the energetic, playful Greek Buck, you'll surely be satisfied with this.

The album starts off with two versions of "No Time To Be 7": the original, and a remix of it by Polmo Polpo.  Both of them feature the scattered "vocals" of the seven-year-old Tyler Brigmantas, whose assorted screams and sounds accompany the band's instrumentation very well, and lend the song a light-hearted, jokey feeling that will be sure to plant a grin on your face.

And then follows the thirty-second "Spunk," which also happens to be the theme song for the television series, "Queer As Folk."   If that wasn't enough, the band also pops in two more songs, both of which are related to a collaboration the band did with Ian Blurton (of Blurtonia).   Blurton graces the song "Sweet Tooth" with his scorching guitarwork, which, combined with Greek Buck's expert electronic wizardry, works absolutely perfectly.   The second song of the collaboration is Greek Buck's remix of the wonderful Blurtonia song, "Body Vs. Brain."  Although the original is a thoroughly enjoyable song on its own, the duo of Greek Buck adds a whole new dimension to it, lending it a very nice musical depth. 

Altogether, "No Time" is a nice little ep from Greek Buck.  It's short and sweet, and promises much for the future.


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May 11 - May 18 2002

(Matt Shimmer)