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Gossett - A Guide Through the Casio Forest  CDR     Limited Edition: 50 copies!

(datawaslost -
[Genres: lo-fi, indie pop]

gossettcasio.jpg (27252 bytes)Just so you know, Gossett is the bassist from the band Swissfarlo.  His appearance in that band makes him a part of the datawaslost community, of course, so this solo album was somewhat inevitable.   The results were not as predictable, though.  Using only a Casio Keyboard and his 12-string, Gossett manages to craft a wonderful (and I do mean wonderful) album of pop songs.  Just listen to one of these ditties, and you will not doubt that Gossett has a great musical talent.  Songs like "Left With Me" and "Crack" are incredibly catchy, and very enojoyable to listen to.  The lyrics sound slightly underdeveloped, but they flow with the music (almost) flawlessly, and are interesting to listen to - something that seems to be getting increasingly rare these days.  As well, Gossett's vocals are done very articulately, meaning you don't have to put in a large effort in order to hear what he is trying to communicate.  For example, in the piece "Left With Me," he sings, "I just kissed another girl today/For the first time in a thousand years/I wished remainders of my life away/In increments of everyday."  The wording he uses is very unique, creating an original approach to the lyrics.  This innovation is also applied to the more musical aspects of this album.  Gossett shows that, even when confined to two instruments and his voice, he can create a wonderful experience for the listener.  Look out, Steven Malkmus!  [By the way, this album comes in a nice big case, signed and numbered, with a lock of what I presume is Gossett's hair.  Either that or he raided a barbershop.]


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