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Pencil Neck Records

Pencil Neck Records claim to enjoy music that is experimental and catchy.  Most of their stuff is math rock and it's all enjoyable.  Check em out, they've released music by the likes of iijima, CRACK, SixtyFootTime, and Creta Bourzia.   As well, there is a compilation called "Toys You Can Choke On!" with other bands like rod and The Misfires (plus much more).  Check it out if you like math rock... or any other type of rock!

spinART Records on the Web:

Here is Pencil Neck Records' top ten pencil necks:

1. My Sister Brendan

2. Dragon Fly

3. Centepede

4. Worms

5. Mosquito

6. Praying Mantis

7. The roly-poly bug

8. The bug that looks like a stick

9. The Tick

10. Spider