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oh no the modulator

oh no the modulator, based in Mississauga, plays some of the most creative, intelligent music in the world. Their philosophy is that they are tired of electronica being portrayed as long, 8 minute jam sessions. Their music is short and concise. This is also due to the fact that their instrument, an old program run on the Mac Plus, can only hold so many bars of music. Their most recent album, "Semi-Formalizer" is available on Kill Frank Lentini Records (KFLR).

Aidan K, one half of the band, was obviously feeling very selfless when he gave us his wonderful list of the top ten things that dangle. Not only is the list extremely compelling, it's also poetic, in a way. What am I saying? It makes no sense whatsoever! Regardless, it's an enjoyable read, even though it's seems like it's been put through an online translator, many, many times. For literary respect, I have not edited it at all, not even for punctuation or capitalization.

oh no the modulator on the web:


Here is oh no the modulator's top ten things that dangle.

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8. in order to protect the red one of the beginning in the protection of the whitest woman of wastefulness.

9. I do not have a difficulty to her with me to kiss itself, but that I do not have a small problem to him with me to kiss itself.

10. rain of the ruotata, rain of the ruotata.