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MWF is a pseudonym for a very talented but very experimental musician. He has music on the Wood Records label, and has released numerous CDs and tapes. Almost all of his releases can be ordered off of, at very reasonable prices. Also, I'm going to include WOOD records' motto, because it's so darn good: "Don't forget: Get yourself some WOOD, it's GOOD!"

MWF was nice enough to help out with this zine, and here are his choices for the top ten weirdest songs he's ever heard. Thanks MWF!

MWF/WOOD on the web:


Here is MWF's top ten weirdest songs.


1. Nervous Norvous: "Apeball"

2. Lucia Pamela: "Walking on the Moon"

3. Screaming Jay Hawkins: "Little Demon"

4. Ohio Players: "The Funky Worm"

5. Captain Beefheart: "Bat Chain Puller"

6. Jonathan Richman: "Ice Cream Man"

7. Wildman Fisher: "My Name is Larry"

8. Snakefinger: "Yeti, What are You?"

9. Barnes&Barnes: "Fish Heads"

10. Billy Preston: "Space Race"