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Mike Audet

It's Mike Audet, the Toronto-based musician. He plays guitar and has been part of bands such as Loop Hole and Overly Addictive. He describes his music as "folky pop," although you're sure to find your own name for it once you hear it.  To check out Mike Audet's concerts, mp3s, music videos and the like, go to

Here, Mike explains his top ten food brands, never hesitating to justify his choices. In fact, he even shares his special serving suggestions for some of them!

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Mike Audet on the Web:

Here is Mike Audet's top ten junk foods:

1. Booberry Cereal - This was the best tasting brand of cereal of all time and the best way to get a blue tongue. General Mills discontinued it in Canada in the late 70s or early 80s because they are evil. But, I'm told it can still be found in American Grocery stores and at

2. Lik-M-Aid Fun Dip - This has always been my favourite candy. Made by Willy Wonka, it comes with two pouches of flavour crystals and a candy stick. The crystals are ok, but the candy stick is to die for.

3. Hot Rods - these meat sticks are so damn good that hardly a day goes by that I don't eat one. I've always got an open family pack close by.

4. President's Choice cheese and bacon hamburger patties - I used to think that a cheese and bacon burger was the best meal of all time. Then, I discovered that you can make a cheese and bacon burger that also has cheese and bacon in the meat patty!! I swear to god, it makes my eyes roll back in my head. Note: For best results, sprinkle salt on them while they're frying.

5. Juicy Jumbos - These are by far the best hot dogs ever made. You might think that they're just home versions of the wieners that hot dog venders sell, but the beauty is in how you can prepare them. Barbequed hot dogs are fine, but I've got a better way. First, cut the wiener almost in half along the shaft so that only the outer skin holds the two sides together. Next, fry it with bacon. Fry the bun, too. Then, place the fried wiener in the fried with bun the bacon placed in the cut that you made down the middle of the wiener. Smother it with mayo, barbeque sauce, ketchup, and mustard - now that's an incredible meal!! (My friends and I call these "heartattacks")

6. Generic bacon - Generic bacon blows the doors off the brand name stuff because there is so much fat on it. Let's face it: the fat is the best part. With generic bacon, you get more of it.

7. Master's Choice fruit salad - You might not believe it, but I actually like some foods that are good for you. The fruit salad that Dominion sells in the plastic jars is awesome. The pineapple chunks kick ass.

8. Taquito's Zesty Cheese chips - Friend's of mine call these "stinky chips" because they fill the whole room with their unique odor. I've loved these since the late 70s when they were called "Tortillia" chips and had to change their name because of a trademark infringement lawsuit. A bag of these with some sausages and Coke Classic is one refreshing and filling treat.

9. Philadelphia Onion Cream Cheese Dip - Combine this dip with a bag of Ripples (or Krinkles as I like to call them) and a beverage of your choice, and you've got all you need to beep help comfort you through a bad Leafs game.

10. Pharma Plus Calcium Antacid - With a diet like mine, these come in handy. Where the Pharma Plus brand really shines is that they taste like fruit candy! If I'm watching TV and run out of chips, sometimes I'll catch myself snacking on them :)