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Mike Shiflet

Mike Shiflet is half of the band Noumena (with Aaron Hibbs), and he also runs the diy record label, Gameboy Records. Some may call his music noise, others may say it's just diy, I'd say its both. His music is all played on guitar, and it is really good. It's all improvised and reminiscent of Caspar Brotzmann. Reviews of their first cd and a Gameboy Records compilation are available in the review section.

Here, he decided to give us his own creation, the top ten experimental music sex symbols. This list took him a while to compile, but it's obviously worth it, because it's damn hilarious!

Mike Shiflet/Gameboy Records on the web:


Here is Mike Shiflet's top ten experimental music sex symbols.


1. Emil Hagstrom (of Cock ESP)

2. Todd Carter (of TV Pow)

3. GX Jupitter Larsen (of Haters)

4. Emil Beaulieau

5. Alan Licht

6. Francisco Lopez

7. Anla Courtis (of Reynols)

8. Kid 606

9. Alan Bloor (of Knurl)

10. Joel St. Germain (of Humectant Interruption)