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Lucky Kitchen

Lucky Kitchen is a very intriguing record label specializing in found sound-style music. Although still very small, Lucky Kitchen has been profiled on Brave New Waves, CBC's underground music showcase. Most of their releases are very personal affairs, usually hand-crafted and produced in small quantities. To find out more about their weird brand of homemade music, check out their excellent website, at

The label owners, Alejandra and Aeron were generous enough to take time out of their busy schedule to bring us their top ten hot beverages. This list still contains Lucky Kitchen's little comments along with the basic list!

lucky kitchen on the web:


Here is Lucky Kitchen's top ten hot beverages.


1. Cafe Con Leche (Spanish style, coffee roasted dark, with sugar)

2. Green Tea (Japanese)

3. Barry's Black Tea (Ireland)

4. Sweet dreams celestial seasonings. (USA) Just the illustration makes you feel comfy. (But check out the weird stuffed bear in the corner, why do bears have a stuffed bear? It's like having a stuffed human around...that just ain't right.)

5. Nasty Black Greasy Spoon Coffee - The coffee sucks but the refills RULE. (North America)

6. Caldo. A fish soup broth made for Basque sailors. (Pais Vasco)

7. Jasmine Tea. The real Chinese stuff with flowers floating in your

cup. (China, or non-tourist Chinatown.)

8. Ethiopian Coffee. Made on the stovetop with nutmeg, we think.

9. Hot milk with honey for upset bellies or sleepless nights, also with

camomile. (Grandma's kitchen)

10. Hot toddy. Hot water, whisky and honey. (Scotland, or grandma's kitchen.)