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. is a drum 'n bass band, based in Toronto, that plays some really excellent electronica. They will be releasing a new cd, "Year 28", very soon. Currently, you can pick up their 12", Moto, in most Toronto record stores such as Metropolis and Record Peddler.

T. Marshall, of the band, was generous enough to give us his top ten letters of the alphabet. The list came with brief explanations as to why the letters were chosen. Thank you, T. Marshall, for sharing your love of the letters of the alphabet with us! on the web:


here is's top ten letters of the alphabet.


a-ll vowels pale to the great A

t-he first letter of my name and its always been dear to me

m-andy patinkin is a great actor and his name begins with M

r-etard...that's funny on it's own....late in French.

e-xacerbate /v.t. make worse; irritate

v-enereal. Still makes me laugh

o-is so perfect and never-ending. It's like a big hoop.

l-aoatian, that neighbour on King of the Hill is from Laos


s-tumped as to why Ally MacBeal is on my television set.

(in no particular order)